Colour Pigments

Colouring pigments are powders that are compatible with our hand mouldable plastics. Once applied, the plastics can be heated and re-shaped while maintaining the colour. 

How to use

  • Melt the desired amount of plastic¬†
  • Mould the plastic into a disk shape
  • Sprinkle some powder in the centre of the plastic
  • Fold the plastic to lock in the powder
  • Continue folding and squashing until colour is evenly spread
  • Once satisfied, leave the plastic to harden


  • Non-toxic
  • Pigments can be mixed to get different shades and colours
  • Colours the plastic from the inside out, so mess is kept minimal
  • Recommend 1g of pigments per 20g of plastic
  • Plastic maintains colour when re-shaped
  • 8 colours available